Service Level Agreement

This is Service Level Agreement between CloseIT s.r.o. (Supplier) and Customer (an entity that obtained a paid license for Subtasks Navigation App developed and offered on the Atlassian Marketplace by the Supplier).


  1. The Customer shall report Incidents by opening a ticket in CloseIT Subtask Navigation Plugin Help Center.

  2. The Customer shall cooperate in the Incident localization and resolution (using proper description, providing access to system console, access to application logs, screenshots, shared screen etc.). 

  3. The Supplier shall assess the severity of the Incident and whether the Incident is a Defect or not and inform the Customer about the result of such assessment and of the planned Incident resolution. 


Following Parameters are expected to be met by the Supplier for a response to and resolution of Incidents:

Business day

Monday to Friday, with the exclusion of public holidays in the Czech Republic

Business hours

9.00 – 16.00 CET during Business days

Response time

4 working hours


  1. The Response Time is measured from the time of report notification to the Customer according to Article 1.1 to the time of first response by e-mail (including automatically generated e-mails).

  2. The Supplier shall make the best effort to make corrections, if possible, and within a period-appropriate for the nature and type of an Incident.